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Data retention factions, more iiNet court action and 1800 inaction in Girt by CNET podcast 16

This week, it's politics in action as Shorten and Abbott exchange shots over proposed data retention laws, all the fun and games from the Dallas Buyers Club court case and which mobile telcos are short-changing you on 1800 calls.

The proposed data retention laws get even more political this week as Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten traded blows over the topic. While the PM called for a unified front, Shorten had a few concerns he wanted to raise, sounding oddly like an opposition leader.

Meanwhile the iiNet vs Dallas Buyer's club debacle continues to amuse and delight. At least, as long as you're not paying attention to the real subtext. This week we meet the Dallas Buyer's Club so-called expert witness who may have left a little to be desired.

It's been six weeks since telcos were supposed to have made 1800 calls free from mobiles phones according to the new framework from the Australian Communications and Media Authority. But there are a few tardy souls out there, the most notable of which might be Vodafone.

Finally, we have a quick chat about LG's VR headset for its G3 flagship phone.

Girt by CNET Podcast 16

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