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So long and thanks for all the tech: Girt by CNET podcast 114

We look back at the past two years of tech in Australia in the last episode of Girt by CNET.


So it's come to this. After 114 episodes of "Simpsons" references, spontaneously bursting out into song and occasionally, if there's some time left, talking about tech news.

As we close in on two years, the Girt team prepares to go on hiatus, but we'll be farewelling the show in style. The team looks back at how the big stories of the past two years are looking today, with an eye cast to the future.

We'll hit the usual suspects that pretty much kept us in business: Dallas Buyers Club, data retention and the NBN. Thanks to all our listeners for a wild ride, and hopefully we'll meet again in a moon pie future.

Girt by CNET podcast 114

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