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'The cavalry's here': Girt by CNET Overwatch Special

The Girt crew sits down with the Lead Software Engineer on Blizzard's Overwatch to talk about what went into the game people can't shut up about.


Three quarters of the Girt crew are in Taipei, Taiwan for Computex. You can check out all the news from the show floor of the largest IT tradeshow in Asia here.

But the past week hasn't been all tricked-out PC cases and robots about to enslave humanity through sheer cuteness (all hail Zenbo). Blizzard also released a little game called Overwatch.

To say a few members of the team have been excited about the new team-based first person shooter is a bit of an understatement, and this week we were lucky enough to sit down with Rowan Hamilton, Lead Software Engineer on Blizzard's latest flag planted atop game mountain.

Hear what he has to say about what went in to designing the game that everyone is playing far too much (a combined 119 million hours and counting since May 24, if you were wondering).

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