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Girls get a harsh lesson in sexism from 'The Glass Ceiling' game

This Comedy Central parody video shows how quickly career goals can be shattered when little girls learn all about sex discrimination in the workplace from a board game.

"I'm gonna be an engineer!"

"I'm gonna be a lawyer!"

"I'm gonna be the nation's No. 1 investment banker!"

When little girls excitedly proclaim their future professions anything seems possible. That is, until they start playing the fictional board game "The Glass Ceiling."

In this Comedy Central parody video posted Wednesday, we see happy girls get a reality check when they find out their impressive college education and stellar work skills won't get them very far in male-dominated professions.

"Your Ivy League education hasn't gone unnoticed, it makes your boss Doug feel emasculated," one of the little girls reads from a board game card. "The promotion goes to Blake who didn't even get a degree. Move back one space."

Another game card sounds just as bleak, and sadly, realistic.

"Your looks are considered too distracting to your male co-workers, move back two spaces?" a girl reads on another card. "But none of this is fair!"

There's even an "unemployed" game token that depicts a depressed woman crying on her sofa while eating pizza after she reports her boss to HR for sexual harassment.

"None of these choices get you above the glass ceiling," one girl complains. "This game sucks!"

Of course, at the end of the video there's an ad for the boys' board game called "Privilege," which is full of cash and "opportunity" cards, and is sponsored by Donald Trump.

"I'm going to Harvard, baby!" one boy reads from a game card in the video.

"That's where you'll meet your first wife, bro!" the other boy excitedly responds.

Bravo, Comedy Central. Bravo.