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Girl makes Facebook party invite public, riot police called

A Dutch girl forgets to make a Facebook party invitation private. So 4,000 people turn up, and she has to flee her home.

Here's the Facebook page for the cleanup. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Some parties are a riot.

No really, they are. Riot police are called, because there's simply too much fun going on.

Indeed, my heart rocks to an exalted beat at hearing that such a party broke out in the small Dutch town of Haren.

As the BBC reports it, the 16-year-old girl posted an invitation to her birthday party on Facebook and wasn't quite au fait with the privacy controls.

Her little hometown became somewhat tense at the idea of thousands descending upon its leafy parts to party, for 30,000 people ended up receiving the invitation.

The girl canceled the party, but some 4,000 people still turned up in the hope of a little twisting and shouting. They were greeted by 600 riot police, which can't have done too much for Haren's tourism industry.

Indeed, the visitors had even created T-shirts for the event. They read "Project X Haren," which seems rather like some corporate away-day.

Still, it seems that the civic-minded have now got together to try and clean up the town.

They've created a new Facebook page called Project Clean-X Haren (Clean-X, geddit?), which seems to be asking for volunteers to polish the mess left by the riot police.

Um, I mean, by the rioters.

The girl, meanwhile, appears to have fled the town in terror before the guests arrived. Which seems frightfully rude.

Honestly, the younger generation today. They just have no sense of decorum.