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Giphy adds videos to the mix, features clips from its first film fest

Now, in addition to sending your co-workers animated GIFs, you can send them weird 30-second videos.


Giphy's new page for micro-films. 

Screenshot by Marrian Zhou/CNET

Giphy wants you to start watching movies. Really short movies.

On Friday the company behind the popular website for animated GIFs -- where people go to find the perfect expression of their current mood -- rolled out a new page on the site for videos of 30 seconds or less.

"Giphy is now looking to the future -- the future of entertainment itself -- and believes an important part of this will be micro-entertainment," the company said on the page.

The page currently features about 120 videos, finalists in Giphy's first micro-film festival, which took place Thursday night in New York City. The page is available in both HD and SD formats, and the videos play in loops like the company's GIFs. Visitors can add videos to their library and share them outside of Giphy. 

For the film fest, Giphy asked creators and artists in the US to submit videos of 18 seconds or less. The grand prize was $10,000, and more than 900 creators participated. The winning video is called "Washed Up," by Ani Acopian.

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