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Giottos: Honey, I shrunk the tripod

The company's new "YTL" tripod series features a design that folds down 30 percent more than typical tripods.


Good news for shutterbug travelers with limited luggage space: Popular tripod maker Giottos has just released a new range of "YTL" tripods that utilize a new Y-shaped center column design that's 30 percent smaller than the cylindrical columns found in typical tripods. This allows the tripod legs to be tucked into the center column closer, making the tripod more compact and allowing it to be easily stowed.

While the center column sees a reduction in size, the company claims the new design does not compromise the tripod's stability and strength. The new tripod range can support cameras from 11 pounds to 22 pounds.

The "YTL" range will come in three- or four-section variants and feature a two- or three-way center column. Prices will range from $160 to $350 depending on whether you choose the aluminum or the lighter carbon fiber version. Giottos tripods are available from select online stores in the U.K.

(Source: Crave Asia via DPreview)