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Gilfoyle and Dinesh: The 'Silicon Valley' love story you're waiting for

"When Dinesh met Gilfoyle, sparks flew." It's the Pied Piper rom-com you've been dreaming of, and it's coming soon, according to this parody trailer from HBO Home Entertainment.

Who doesn't delight in a great television love story? And no, I'm not talking about the endlessly frustrating "will they or won't they?" trope. I'm talking about my favorite kind of pairing -- the bromance.

The bromance celebrates best friends. It's just two dudes, supporting each other. Troy and Abed from "Community." Joey and Chandler of "Friends." Turk and JD from "Scrubs." And let's not forget our new favorite bromance: Gilfoyle and Dinesh from "Silicon Valley."

Sure, they bicker and wish each other dead. But the love is there. Check out the above rom-com trailer HBO Home Entertainment put together from Season 3, which came out on Digital HD this week. The video, posted Monday, highlights the most "friendly" banter between Gilfoyle and Dinesh. At least we have Jared to point out the dynamic duo's chemistry.