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GigaPan panorama robot now for SLRs, too

The $895 device for digital SLRs automates the process of taking multiple photos that can be joined into a single panoramic view.

GigaPan's new Epic Pro robotic panorama camera apparatus
GigaPan's new Epic Pro robotic panorama camera apparatus GigaPan

GigaPan Systems will release a robotic camera accessory that's best aligned with its market of panorama enthusiasts: those who use digital SLRs.

The earlier GigaPan products, the $350 Epic and $450 Epic 100, were for compact cameras. The new GigaPan Epic Pro will accommodate larger SLR cameras, the company said Monday. It's due to ship in April for $895.

GigaPan's devices are motorized camera mounts that automate the process of precisely orientating the camera across an array of positions so the resulting photos can be stitched together into a single, very large shot. A good example of the idea is 26-gigapixel view of Paris, one of a new breed of immersive views of the world.

Compact cameras are fine for a lot of uses, but the kind of people who have the patience and interest in stitching dozens of images together often already have higher-end SLR cameras, which produce higher-quality and often higher-resolution photos.

The Epic Pro has a number of features designed to ease the panorama chore. Up to 20 shots at each position can be taken for purposes of bracketing exposures or coping with transient subjects in the photo frame. It's got a rechargeable battery back. It has a built-in bubble level. And it includes stitching software to link images into a single panorama.

GigaPan's full line of panorama robots
GigaPan's full line of panorama robots GigaPan