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Gifts for dads who enjoy their booze

Bottoms up!

This story is part of Father's Day Gift Guide 2020, featuring our top picks for dads who love tech.

Dad puts everyone else first, always. The silent saint, bending over backward and running himself ragged, and for what? The big piece of chicken? This year, in addition to thanking him endlessly for all the free hot water and electricity you've pilfered over the years, find a perfect boozy gift he'll love; something he would never buy himself—having blown his rainy day fund on your college loans—but totally deserves. 

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From a well-crafted bottle of booze to a snazzy gadget or accessory that'll vault his cocktail game, we did all the legwork. So put that shirt/tie combo back on the shelf and make some liquid magic happen this Father's Day.

If Dad is a tequila drinker, these shot or sipping glasses are made from natural Himalayan salt and add a salty finish to his favorite tequila. They're solid and sturdy and won't melt away, so pair them with a good bottle of tequila, and get those bottoms up.

These limited-release bitters were recreated with the original, now 150-year-old, Boker's bitters recipe found in the very first cocktail book ever published, The Bar-Tender's Guide: How to Mix Drinks, or The Bon-Vivant's Companion by Jerry Thomas from 1862. $38 might seem steep for bitters, but consider that this is a much larger than normal bottle (375 ml) and will last Dad a very long time.

Now Dad can get the tongs and a cold brew in one bend-over. This hybrid durable cooler/barbecue tool kit is ideal for those long summer grill days, camping trips and picnics. The very handy bundle includes a barbecue knife, spatula, tongs, barbecue mitt, salt and pepper shakers, cutting board and wine/bottle opener.

It's a well-known fact that all dads love toothpicks, a fact not lost on funky online retailer Uncommon Goods, where you can get this set of oversize scotch-infused toothpicks soaked in premium Islay single malt. Smoky peat and caramel flavors are unlocked and released slowly as the (sustainably forested) wood is gently chewed.


One of the more interesting whiskeys to come out of India, which has become a hotbed of late. This single malt is made in the foothills of the Himalayas in the city of Rampur, and has pronounced spice and vanilla notes with a mellow sweetness on the back end. I absolutely love it and suspect Dad will too!

A nice set of scotch glasses goes in the category of something Dad might not buy for himself but would appreciate. When you hold a well-made crystal tumbler in your hand, you notice the difference, and suddenly that $40 bottle of scotch or bourbon tastes like it cost $100.

Variety is not just the spice of life, but also the best thing about being a craft beer nerd in a country with over 6,000 breweries. Craft Beer Club lets Pops try some of the more uncommon and obscure ones without leaving the comfort of home. Each month's shipment features 12 beers in various styles from two different microbreweries around the country.


The PicoBrew is the most comprehensive all-in-one home-brewing system available. It's easy to use, and some beers are done in as little as two weeks. With this last release of the Pico Model C Unpak'd system, home brewers with a bit more bravado can create brews using all their own ingredients and recipes, in addition to the prepacked recipes sold by PicoBrew. This limited-time offer on its most popular model includes all the fixings to do one batch of beer (and one coffee, too).

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