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GIFs show how we'd all survive Mars without Matt Damon

We'll all have to breathe, eat and drink when we colonize Mars. These cartoons show how we'll reuse waste and pollutants to do it -- just like Mark Watney in "The Martian."

If you're Matt Damon portraying fictional NASA astronaut Mark Watney from "The Martian" movie, you can "science the sh*t" out of survival. But unlike Watney, most of us aren't both botanists and mechanical engineers, which makes it much less likely we'd think to mulch our own poop and grow vegetables in a tent.

Luckily, we unscience-y types have people to think about that for us. And then create adorable GIFfy infographics to explain how waste and other chemical pollutants could help humans live out their days on a Martian colony.

The site How We Get To Next delivers with illustrations and explanations of how we could turn our bodily carbon and methane emissions into useful construction materials; convert wastewater to biodegradable plastics; and keep nutrients in the soil in order to keep those crops coming.

Yes, now we're back to poop. You're welcome.

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