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Gibson Firebird X guitar tunes itself, runs apps

The new Gibson Firebird X may be the geekiest guitar ever made. It has Bluetooth, a software package, RoboHead tuners, and an onboard brain stocked with sounds and effects.

Gibson Firebird X
Yes, but will it play "Freebird?" Gibson

I have a Gibson guitar. I have to tune it myself. It doesn't have onboard effects. I can't load third-party apps onto it. My guitar is so old-fashioned, it has a hole in the top for the sound to get out. In short, it's no Firebird X.

Gibson Firebird Z Robo-tuners
Tune it or die. (Click to enlarge.) Gibson

The limited-edition Firebird X launches on September 30 with a list of specs that reads more like a Dell computer than a guitar. It even has system requirements for Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

The guitar retains the classic look of a regular Firebird, but stuffs the innards with enough technology to make your poor roadie's head spin. This may be the geekiest guitar ever made.

The latest version of Gibson's RoboHead tuners takes care of pesky tuning chores for you. An onboard multiprocessor spews out sounds and effects. It has its own preamp and Bluetooth for connecting to its pedals.

Gibson declares that all this digital stuff won't affect the guitar's "tube mojo." If you have a tube amp, then you know exactly what that means.

The Firebird X comes with a software editor that lets you create patches and tinker with the sound of the guitar. Gibson is opening up the instrument for third-party apps that will take advantage of the guitar's brains. It will eventually have its own version of the App Store.

The three-humbucker guitar is available in red or blue and costs a wallet-straining $5570. There will only be 1800 made, so expect it to be more collectable--and more rockin'--than a Beanie Baby.

Gibson Firebird X top shot
That's a lot of switches and sliders. Gibson