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Watch a giant Lego Star Destroyer fall to its death

What happens when a massive "Star Wars" Lego Star Destroyer is dropped from about 10 feet up? Find out in this super-slow-motion destruction video from Wired's "Battle Damage" series.

While many of us who celebrated Star Wars Day on Monday did things like watch the movies and TV shows or have pretend lightsaber duels with our friends and/or kids, some people out there were a bit more aggressive.

Wired's "Battle Damage" team, which specializes in gadget destruction videos, spent $800 and 16 hours putting together a massive Lego Imperial Star Destroyer, then dropped their creation from a few feet in the air just to watch it shatter into a thousand pieces.

And shatter it did, as you can see from the team's 1000 fps super slow-motion video, titled "Episode XV: A New Smash," that captured the total destruction as the Star Destroyer struck the floor below. Pieces of the ship, as well as those unfortunate Lego souls aboard the Star Destroyer, were thrown in every direction in the crash.

You can watch Wired destroy the Imperial Star Destroyer in the video above. And, if you spent the better part of your May 4 putting together a "Star Wars" Lego creation of your own, be sure to take better care of it than these guys did.