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Giant stake in cable

Microsoft continues to expand its empire despite government scrutiny and consumer criticism of its business practices.

roundup Microsoft is continuing to expand its empire despite growing antitrust concerns among the federal government and consumer See related special report: Microsoft under scrutiny groups. Since October 20, when the Justice Department said it was charging Microsoft with violating a 1995 consent decree on its licensing practices, the Redmond juggernaut has maintained its steady clip of new business deals. Below are some recent examples.

MS may invest $1 billion in US West
update Microsoft is close to an agreement to invest up to $1 billion in the cable television operations of US West, according to reports.

MS stakes are high in cable
news analysis Microsoft stands to gain a lot from investments in the cable industry, and may be laying the groundwork for a foray into the satellite industry as well.

MS teams up with Liquid Audio
Microsoft announces an alliance with Liquid Audio, the latest move in the software giant?s bid to unify media "streaming" standards.

IE deals made with empires
Disney and Time Warner are making some of their best entertainment content available exclusively through newer versions of the Internet Explorer browser.

A home for Ethernets
Microsoft is teaming up with a small networking equipment maker to bring big-system networking to home users.

Another partner in the NT push
Microsoft adds Unisys to the growing list of systems companies that offer services and support for its products.

MS woos wary industry
Despite increasing scrutiny of its business practices, Microsoft continues to play offense, wooing Silicon Valley venture capitalists who normally fund its rivals.

MS, Yahoo in deal to compete
Microsoft is launching its own search engine. Now it says it's making deals with Yahoo, its biggest rival in the search sector. What gives?

MS launches search engine
Microsoft officially announces that it is launching its own Web-based search engine, code-named Yukon, with technology supplied by Inktomi.

Microsoft, Intel invest in Wildfire
Microsoft and Intel join a group of investors providing $12 million to desktop telephony technologies maker Wildfire Communications.