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Giant sequined Google Maps pin lands on Denmark

A shimmering manifestation of the iconic Google Maps pin goes up on the side of a building to mark the location of a street art exhibition.

Real-life Google Maps pin
The pin marks the spot. Ornduvald

In the virtual world of Google Maps, you know where things are based on pins marking the spot, like a modern-day version of the "X" on a treasure map. Danish design group Ornduvald has orchestrated a Google Maps invasion of the real world by building a giant, glittery version of a map pin.

The pin is part of a street art event in Horsens, Denmark. The pin is located at the city center and takes up about 30 square feet of space on the side of a building. It took more than 10,000 large sequins attached to a plywood base to create the massive pointer.

The sequins ripple a little in the wind, giving the pin an almost watery surface and making it even more eye-catching. The sequins are in various colors of silver, gold, black, and purple. If Liberace had been on the Google Maps design team, all the pins would look like this.

The overall effect is a bit surreal, like you're peeking into some sort of alternate-universe version of Google Street View. It's always entertaining when a piece of the Internet manages to escape and take up home in the real world.

(Via PSFK)