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Giant screens are in, spending money on crazy stuff is out

CineMassive introduces the Omegaplex, a huge array of 12 24-inch monitors.

With the U.S. economy in the toilet and the world facing increasingly uncertain times while we select the next president, it's good to know you can still go out and buy an array of 12 24-inch monitors for 13,000 bucks.

On Wednesday, CineMassive announced the OmegaPlex, an "Ultra High Resolution Multimonitor Desktop Display Wall." If you're into world domination, you're probably gonna want one of these. For everyone else, well, that will depend on your salary level and, possibly, your sanity.

Study strategic global coordinates in the comfort of your own lair home. CineMassive

For those of you who are interested--you rich, crazy sociopaths you--CineMassive insists that viewing images on this thing can only be described as "having a personal Imax."

CineMassive cites some notable features:

  • World's "most advanced," dynamic, high-definition, multiscreen, video playback technology plays video of any format across the entire array with a single mouse click.
  • High-performance cooling system ensures whisper-quiet thermal management for 24/7 mission-critical reliability.
  • Available as is or combined with a fully customized professional workstation for optimal performance.
  • Utilizes CineMastery & CineMatrix multimonitor-management software for optimal Windows multiscreen performance.

The OmegaPlex also comes with a premium three-year warranty and a zero dead-pixel policy.

For those of you sitting around trying to figure out what to do with that new golden parachute you just floated in on, hey--there are crazier things to spend your money on!

Joking aside, I'd really have a problem watching a movie or playing a game on this thing. I'm sure the image clarity would be great, however with multiple monitors comes multiple bezels. That seems like it would be distracting. With Imax, you're looking at one huge screen--or least the impression of one huge screen--but here it's 12 connected together.