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Giant Rancor ready to bite Star Wars Celebration VI

A replica of Rancor, one of the most fearsome creatures of "Star Wars," has been created in time for a massive fan gathering.

Don't worry, it doesn't want to hurt you. 501st Legion

The sci-fi epic "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi" featured a truly terrifying monster known as Rancor. For those unfamiliar with the reference, Luke Skywalker heroically fought the beast with merely a bone in a cave during the Jabba's Palace sequences.

A "life-size" Rancor makes a big debut later this month during Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, Fla., a massive fan gathering for devotees of the sci-fi saga held every few years. During the convention, saber swingers can interact with many exhibits, stars, artists, and other activities associated with the movies.

The replica Rancor, created by "Star Wars" costuming group 501st Legion member Matt Paisley and Rick Bohler (owner of Pizzazz Scenic Contractors), stands 14 feet tall, measures 17 feet claw-to-tail, and weighs more than 700 pounds. Those attending the convention can have their photo taken within the claws of the beast and even clutch a massive prop bone to "kill" the Rancor.

In the gallery below, Crave explores how the Rancor went from enormous blocks of foam to fear-inducing menace.