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Giant Lego bridge clicks in Germany

A German street artist transforms a homely bridge into a bright homage to colorful Lego bricks.

Lego bridge
Legos on steroids. Rolf Dellenbusch

Before giant Lego trees and flowers popped up in the Australian Outback, a honking huge Lego bridge made an appearance in Germany.

Late last year, street artist Megx pulled out the primary colors to transform the underside of a bridge into an optical illusion. Clever use of color and shading makes the bridge in Wuppertal look like it's built from an interlocking set of massive Lego bricks.

It took about a month for the mondo makeover and required the use of a lift to elevate the artist up to working height. The result is pretty stunning, judging by the photos. The 250-square meter bridge now looks like something created out of Paul Bunyan's Lego collection.

This is all part of a trend of Legos going through a growth spurt. The Netherlands has a church that looks inspired by Lego blocks. A giant Lego man popped up on a Florida beach last year.

We should probably be preparing for the upcoming Legopocalypse. I, for one, welcome our new Lego overlords.

Lego bridge painting
A look at the Lego bridge optical illusion under construction. Lukas Pauer

(Via Colossal)