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Giant inflatable unicorn of your dreams won't poop rainbows

You don't have to be a medieval maiden to lure a mythical unicorn into taking up residence in your home. You just have to order it online.

Giant Inflatable Unicorn

I think I'll name it "Pointy."


Your living room looks nice with that striped couch and Ikea floor lamp. But what it really needs is a giant inflatable unicorn to bring a little magic to the decor. It's a good thing UK weird-stuff retailer Firebox offers a Giant Inflatable Unicorn, also known as a "massive mythical mare."

The unicorn, once inflated, stands a stately and majestic 7 feet (2 meters). Firebox suggests it as a "perfectly respectable alternative to a Christmas tree." But it's more than that. It's a statement piece that tells the world reality won't get you down because you have a rainbow-maned, smiling, pink-hoofed beast of an inflatable watching over you.

The enchanted creature is crafted from heavy-duty vinyl and costs $65 (£50, AU$82). According to some legends, unicorn horns have magical healing properties. Unfortunately, you won't be able to remove the inflatable horn without sacrificing the entire unicorn.

Unlike owning a real unicorn, the inflatable version will not require you to scoop glitter droppings, gather fresh hay or be a virgin maiden in order to tame it. Regrettably, Firebox notes, "You can't ride it. We tried."