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Giant eyeball magnifies 200x; crowds flee

It's not a good thing.

Enough already--how many times do we need to say "uncle"? We've been admitted afraid, very afraid, of eyeball-shaped gadgetry for some time now, in case anyone cares. But now they're imposing their ocular creepiness on kids, and that's just wrong.

Toys 'R' Us

Gizmodo noticed that Toys "R" Us, of all places, has come up with a nightmare-inducing thing called the "EyeClops Bionic Eye," a handheld contraption that supposedly magnifies whatever it "sees" on an order of 200x and displays it on whatever TV it's plugged into.

All it needs is a few bulging red veins to complete the effect. If the lens needs cleaning, do you use a giant bottle of Visine? If there was ever a downside to high definition, this would be it.