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Internet tunes in to watch giant balloon take an explosive powder

Pop goes the weasel! It took half an hour for the enormous, white balloon to finally explode, sending powder everywhere.

Who doesn't like watching things blow up? And who doesn't like watching others make a gigantic mess that you don't have to clean up?

Following their April stunt where employees wrapped hundreds of rubber bands around a watermelon until it exploded in a satisfying juicy mess, BuzzFeed staffers on Thursday staged a similar event. This time, they filled a white balloon with talcum powder and took turns pumping it full of air until the eventual laws of physics took over and it was wham, bam, thank-you-ma'am.

Viewers tuned in by the thousands, even if they couldn't quite figure out why.

"I feel like I'm bonding with the other people who have no lives and are watching this right now. #teamnolife," wrote Mariza Akins.

Said Deja Washington, ""What did you do today?" "So you see, there's this white balloon, right..."

"My baby is in the other room crying but I can't leave this room because I don't want to miss it burst," wrote Dannie Jackson.

Things started off slow -- it seemed sure that the balloon would burst after each of the half-dozen staffers had taken a turn or two pumping it with air. But no. The balloon held its ground for a half-hour until finally blasting the room with white powder. Even then, the drama of the watermelon wipeout wasn't quite there for some.

"Not as exciting as I thought it would be though," wrote Kaylah McKenzie. But she had a suggestion. "Next time, use glitter."