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Giant 14-inch tablet helps keep students in the Kno

Today's ridiculous tablet news comes courtesy of US startup Kno, which has launched a tablet aimed at students, measuring a whopping 14 inches.

Here at Crave, we're thinking about changing our name to Ridiculous Tablet News (Incorporating Pop Star Social Network Gazette). Today's ridiculous tablet news comes courtesy of US startup Kno, which has launched a ginormous 14-inch tablet.

The Kno is specifically aimed at students. It's powered by an Nvidia Tegra processor with a capacitive touchscreen and a battery life of 6 to 8 hours. The 1.2kg device is nearly twice as heavy as the 680g Apple iPad, but Kno argues it's much lighter than carrying the 35 or so textbooks the Kno can replace. For the students among you, that's the equivalent of 12 packets of Super Noodles.

Even more bonkers is a dual-screen version, which features two 14-inch screens hingeing open like a textbook. That presumably weighs the same as 24 packets of Super Noodles, which is enough to keep an average student going for a term and a half. Prices for the giant student tablets are yet to be announced.

Kno is the brainchild of the people behind US textbook rental service Chegg. There are plans for a Kno ebook store to offer textbooks for the device, and a software developer kit to create apps. The first app will tell you where to find your nearest Snakebite and Black*.

The Kno follows on the heels of the news that Next is selling an Android tablet for less than £200. In the next issue of Ridiculous Tablet News (Incorporating Pop Star Social Network Gazette), we report on Matalan selling a 21-inch tablet powered by Windows ME and a car battery.

*If you were born after 1992,  to understand this joke simply substitute 'Blue WKD'.