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Need a ghostwriter? Spooky self-writing spellbook has the magic touch

This sinister Halloween and party prop has the write stuff, and can maybe help with your Hogwarts homework.

Move over creepy Halloween candy bowl with the grabby monster hand. Harry Potter fans planning early for Halloween (or a random Potter party) can now pick up a prop that will really give them a hand.

This delightfully creepy prop looks like a dusty book of spells someone dug out of the Chamber of Secrets. Thanks to batteries and a magnet, the feather quill busily sketches out a new creepy curse, while the book itself glows, shrieks, moans and makes the sound of shattering glass. It's $35 (about £26, AU$46) from Grandin Road, which also sells eerie eyeball orbs, creepy walking hands that could go on a date with Thing from "The Addams Family," and much more.

And if the ghosts that haunt your house are a little more modern, check out this animated haunted typewriter, which repeatedly types H-E-L-P.

(Via Gizmodo)