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'Ghostbusters' effects reel breaks down reboot's VFX magic

See a before-and-after video that reveals how the stunning effects in "Ghostbusters" were put together, scene by scene.

Regardless of how you felt about the "Ghostbusters" reboot, the visual effects were impressive.

In a VFX breakdown video posted this week on YouTube by effects studio MPC, you can see step by step how every ghost-filled scene was created in "Ghostbusters."

"MPC completed more than 250 shots," the studio posted on the video page. "The team focused on the action- packed finale and work included creating a 1970's Times Square, a 2D no-ghost cartoon, a 300-foot-tall 3D character and extensive FX work."

My favorite "Ghostbusters" effects shown in the video include Slimer and his girlfriend taking the Ecto-1 car for a spin and, of course, the attack on New York by the giant ghost.