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GetUp raises money to save the net

"Community advocacy" group GetUp is raising money to fight Labor's proposed internet filter.

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"Community advocacy" group GetUp has begun accepting donations, to raise awareness of and combat the Australian Government's plan to filter the internet.

Within half a day of launching on 4 December, the group had already raised AU$25,000, the clearest sign yet of the public's distaste for the plan. At the time of writing, the total was at AU$32,824.

The proceeds will go towards buying advertising space on popular websites to get the word out about the government's plans, and raise support via GetUp's own petition, although there is doubt as to how effective an online petition will be.

Regardless, GetUp has previously succeeded in attaining more funding for the ABC, defeated an attempt to detain child migrants, and are supporting such campaigns as paid parental leave, which is currently being considered by the government.

The anti-filter movement is gaining momentum, with protests set to take place nationally on 13 November, and even Young Labor speaking out against its own party's intentions.