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Getty's stock image library gets an API

Connect by Getty Images provides Web site publishers quick access to the stock photo agency's vast collection.

A new API from Getty Images could make S=stock photography like this image of a bear easier to access for a wide number of Web sites. Getty Images

Getty Images today unveiled an API designed to make it easy for a wide range of Web site publishers to access, search, and use the company's vast collection of stock photography.

The new service, known as Connect by Getty Images, is designed to give Web publishers built-in access to Getty images, as well as the search meta data associated with them.

Getty said it already has more than 40 customers using Connect, including Bleacher Report, ReachLocal, Zazzle, and many other ad agencies and publishing platforms.

The Connect API is free for Web site publishers to use, but customers who want to use Getty's imagery have to pay for it.