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Getting Mom and Dad on the same calendar page

The new website Cozi.com provides a tool to coordinate the schedules of all family members in one central location that everyone can access.

Moms often end up feeling like their brain plays the role of the family "hard drive," especially when it comes to scheduling. Someone has to know exactly what, where and when each family member needs to be. Moms get frustrated when they have to do it all, and Dads feel left out of the process when they might like to be involved.

I've looked for a tool to manage this family scheduling and communication, which can often add up to a job as complex as managing a business team. But the products I've found have been more akin to a "Mom's Calendar" series of paper planners that don't provide the depth and flexibility needed to keep up on this dynamic task.

I have been waiting for an online tool to arrive that could easily coordinate our schedules in one central location. Cozi Central looks like it could be the killer app. This free service creates a central master calendar that tracks each family member's schedule. It also provides a messaging center, and online shopping lists that you can access from your mobile phone. I love that, since most of my paper shopping lists never manage to make it to the store.

Getting everyone onto the same calendar page could revolutionize parenting. We're going to try out Cozi Central our house and I'll check back in a few weeks to let you know whether we are sticking with it.