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Getting a read on the squashed-flat bookmark

Dead Mark is an awfully cute silicone bookmark.

Dead Mark bookmark
Suck UK
Dead Man bookmark
Suck UK

Wanted: good-looking fella seeks book-loving gal; easily flattened by all the attention.

If he's your guy, meet Dead Mark, the only man you'll ever need in your life. Never mind the ominous-sounding name, Markie here'll never give you grief. Instead, he'll bring along plenty of enjoyment between the pages.

Just one wee catch: he's a little yellow-complexioned, and comes related to Dead Fred, Hanging Harry, Splat Stan, and Stress Paul. If you don't mind his family of deadbeat delinquents, this awfully cute silicone bookmark can be found at quirky retailer Suck UK, though be prepared to trade $10.35 for your bloke.

(Via Crave Asia)