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Get your own super-thin spokesperson

A new display technology turns a 3mm piece of glass into a virtual spokes model.

A new digital display technology is turning heads at the International Stationery and Office Supply Fair in Japan. While not yet mass-market, this type of display could certainly liven things up at home or in the office.

As translated by Pink Tentacle and found on Robot Watch: "This eye-catching digital signage system consists of a 0.3-millimeter-thick high-luminance rear-projection film (Vikuiti Rear Projection Film developed by 3M) applied to a 3-millimeter-thick glass substrate cut into the shape of a woman. A rear projector beams video onto the film, whose microbead-arrayed surface produces a crisp, brilliant image viewable from any angle, even in brightly lit environments."

Once they figure out how to attach a badge-swiping device, I expect to see these at every trade show and theme park.

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