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Get your Nintendo Labo fix at Amazon's Treasure Truck

The rolling storefront is offering the Labo Variety Kit.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you're in the mood for "the weirdest kind of fun," Nintendo Labo might be for you. 

The make-it-yourself set of cardboard accessories for the Nintendo Switch console launches Friday, and in our review, we described it as "if a school science project, Lego and Ikea had a magic video game child." The kits may be hard to find in stores, but the Amazon Treasure Truck is selling the starter Variety Kit today in cities across the US. 

The Treasure Truck is an occasional promotion where Amazon picks a single product, usually something in short supply, and sells it at physical locations, literally from a truck. Previous examples include the highly sought-after SNES Classic, also from Nintendo.

To buy from the Treasure Truck, Amazon members sign up for SMS updates, make their purchase through the Amazon app when alerted to a deal they want, then pick up their reserved product at the physical truck location in their city at a specified time and place. 

The $69 Labo Variety Kit includes cardboard parts to make a fishing rod, piano, remote control car and other projects, all of which interact with games on the Switch console.

Treasure Trucks in select cities are stocking the Labo Variety Kit today, and we've seen reports of people buying them in Boston and New York. For New York shoppers, there are several locations listed, although some have already sold out.