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Get your Hobbit fix...times two

Want more Tolkien? Finally, you can.

In case you needed something to make Christmas truly merry (I mean, aside from this killer trailer of the next Batman movie), here's fantastic news from Middle Earth: Peter Jackson has signed up to produce the two prequel Hobbit movies.

Yes, that's right. Two.

On Dec. 18, MGM announced that it will team with Time Warner's New Line Cinema unit to make two Hobbit flicks, with the first scheduled for Christmas, 2010.

To make The Hobbit, the prequel to Tolkien's Rings trilogy, Sloan needed to negotiate with New Line, which controlled the rights to The Lord of the Rings and also held some rights to The Hobbit. But New Line, having been sued by Rings director Peter Jackson in 2005 for as much as $100 million in profits he alleged he was wrongly denied, wasn't likely to join forces until it had rid itself of the litigation, according to those with knowledge of the suit. On top of that, the Lord of the Rings faithful likely wouldn't warm up to another Tolkien flick unless Jackson, who directed the prior three installments, was involved. Sound difficult to maneuver? You bet.

And yet they did. I can't wait until The Hobbit's first installment comes out. Remember how cool Fellowship of the Ring was? I barely breathed during the entire movie, it was so intense. Peter Jackson will make Christmas 2010 something to look forward to....