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Get your free Prince of Persia game

Game developer Ubisoft is offering the classic title free of charge for PC gamers today, as long as they create an account and use its Uplay software.

Remember Prince of Persia? Feel like playing it again?

If that's the case, or if you just want to download it now on the off chance you may possibly someday feel like playing it later (cough, game hoarder, cough), you're in luck.

Developer Ubisoft has kicked off its 30th anniversary by offering a slate of PC games for free, dribbling them out at the rate of one per month. Prince of Persia, an action classic that debuted in 2003, is first on the list.

To get it you'll need to install the Uplay software, which necessitates creating an account. I did just that -- for the sake of journalism only, I swear -- and it worked fine. The next free game will be revealed in July.

Check out Ubisoft's website to get the game and other details.