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Get your eco gadget kicks at

Turn your monitor off at night? Buy organic cabbage? Then our new sister site,, will be right up your sun-dappled grassy alley

Grab your iPod touch and run for digital cover -- the hippies, eco freaks and climate campers have landed a new site at CNET towers. covers everything that matters in the green universe with an emphasis on energy-saving, ethical and organic products.

A quick tour around the site's channels -- which include everything from food and finance to fashion and transport -- reveals a tech section peppered with some decent green gadgets. We're particularly taken by the wind-powered HYmini, news of Dixons' Greenshop and the verdict on the iPhone's eco credentials.

You may, like us, have been wondering how your gadget love's impacted on your carbon footprint. You're not alone -- SmartPlanet has been out and about filming shoppers and quizzing them on their carbon shoe-size. We're with the American guy who says, "Al Gore would hate me."

All this talk of saving the planet, however, seems to have rubbed off on us -- we've even started composting some of our banana skins and have been fanatically testing TVs with our new watt meter.

The sandal-sporting SmartPlanet crew will be blogging daily with new eco news, gossip and tit-bits, so keep your eyes peeled here or sign up for the RSS feed. -Adam Vaughan