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Get your customized Twitter background with TwitBacks

TwitBacks provides users with customized Twitter backgrounds.

People with a good-looking custom Twitter background have been the envy of ordinary Twitter users without the Photoshop skills to make their own. TwitBacks is looking to make those same rich profiles available to everyone. It only took me a few minutes to pimp out my Twitter profile with my very own custom background.

TwitBacks currently features six different themes that you can choose from, but promises more in the future. I couldn't get photo upload to work correctly, but I have seen other users who have been able to upload, so that may be an isolated issue. I would also like to see some more fields added for custom links and other information like LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Facebook profiles, and phone numbers.

All in all, TwitBacks is a nice little service with only a couple of little issues. I see no reason why these minor improvements couldn't be added in the future. If you're looking for a quick, good looking custom background for your Twitter profile, give TwitBacks a shot.

Thanks to Sam Sethi for pointing me towards the site.