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Get your BBQ on with a portable infrared grill

Fast heat-up time and high heat power up this instant party in a grill.

This grill goes to 11. Chef's Catalog

Once upon a time, children, teenagers, and young adults alike carried around with them portable record players. The idea was to pack up your player along with some 45rpm records, head over to a friend's house, and you had an instant dance party. This was before my time, but I always held a certain appreciation for the portability this afforded. Of course, now we have MP3 players and portable speakers galore that have streamlined the whole portability of music into a whole other realm, but that original appreciation is still prevalent in other fun devices.

While this Solaire Infrared Portable BBQ Grill won't play any tunes (unlike this one), to me it is reminiscent in design of an old-school record player. Like the instant dance parties of old, this infrared grill lets you get your groove grill on in mere minutes. Infrared burners heat up more quickly than that of conventional grills, and deliver a more powerful punch. The 14,000 BTU burner on this model heats up in three minutes and cooks food at a 50 percent faster rate. Drippings are instantly vaporized as they hit the heated surface creating delicious smoke flavor with less flare-ups.

The option to choose infrared over traditional grills is a relatively new phenomenon with a key patent that expired in 2000 leading to the recent trend. With the capability to have high heat uniform cooking along with delicious grill flavor assures that you'll keep the party going well into night (or at least until the propane bottle runs out).