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Get up to 75% off on this accessible makeup line

Try this cruelty-free makeup brand that won't cost you a fortune.


There are a lot of companies for beauty lovers to choose from, and Karity is one worth checking out. Why? Not only have I used this brand and can attest to the quality of its lipstick (my personal favorite) and eyebrow pencils, but I can also say with confidence that the company believes in providing great makeup at an affordable price. All brushes are 70 % off, all palettes are 30% off, and everything else is 50% off on Karity's website.

Because Karity sells directly to the consumer, bypassing stores, you can pick up their products for a lower price. A palette that could cost up to $70 could be as low as $21 from Karity. I'm not suggesting you abandon pricey brands that serve you well, but if you want to restock on something you've run out of or try something new without experiencing buyer's remorse, Karity is the brand for you.

Tick Tick Boom and Fade Out are two of my favorite lipsticks; they're both pigmented liquid lipsticks that dry matte. All of the other products on the site are long-lasting, cruelty-free and vegan, just like the lipsticks. Do yourself a favor and check out the incredible makeup and tools you can get at more than half the price.