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Get two Moto G5S Plus phones for $250

One of 2017's best budget phones is one of 2019's best deals.


Get two, two, two phones for less than the price of one.


If there's a common theme this week, it's that you should never buy a phone when it's first introduced. You should wait.

Case in point: For a limited time, Motorola is offering two Moto G5S Plus (32GB) phones for $249.99. Original price: $279 for one. Just add two of them to your cart and one will show up at $0.

We were highly impressed with the G5 Plus, dubbing it the "best budget phone" of mid-2017, though we never gave a full review to its S variant. So what does the G5S add to the equation?

The big differences: a slightly larger screen -- 5.5 inches to the G5's 5.2 -- and an all-metal (not just partial-metal) body. Beyond that, you get slightly upgraded dual rear cameras and a water-repellent nano coating. And, hey, look at that: headphone jack!

These are unlocked phones that are compatible with all major carriers. The only big downside I can see is lack of NFC, meaning you can't use the phones for in-store Google Pay purchases.

Still, for $125 apiece, anyone in the market for solid budget phones need look no further. 

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