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Get two free months of Audible

It's for new customers only, but it includes two free audiobooks (one per month) -- no strings attached.

Why is this guy so happy? Because he's listening to free Audible books, of course!
Why is this guy so happy? Because he's listening to free Audible books, of course! Amazon

When it comes to passing the time on long trips, it's hard to beat an audiobook. I've been a die-hard fan for as long as I can remember (back when they were called "books on tape").

Amazon's Audible service is already a pretty good deal at $14.95 per month, but it's an even better one at $0: Amazon Local is offering a coupon for two free months of Audible. That entitles you to, among other things, one free audiobook per month.

As you might expect, this offer is good for new Audible customers only. If you've already tried the service, well, flex your cheapskate muscles and I'm sure you'll figure something out. In any case, you'll need to supply a credit card and remember to cancel before month number three kicks in, otherwise you'll start getting billed $14.95.

In case you're not familiar with it, Audible is home to some 150,000 audiobooks, which you can download to nearly any mobile device there is: Android phone or tablet, Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, even your old MP3 player.

The regular subscription price includes one audiobook per month, a very good deal given that a typical bestseller normally goes for $30-35. The $22.95/month plan is even better in that it includes two books per month and 20-percent discounts on additional purchases.

It's worth noting that if you do decide to cancel your membership, you can still listen to the books you got for free. A couple recommendations from yours truly: "The Good Earth," one of my favorite books ever (print or audio), and "11-22-63: A Novel," by Stephen King. The latter (normally $52.50!) has perhaps the most thrilling first act of any audiobook I've ever heard, though from there it meanders a bit too long before getting to the finish.

The coupon offer is good for the next 11 days. After you sign up, hit the comments and tell me about some of your favorite audiobooks.


Bonus deal: Game time! As I've noted before, cheap games come to those who wait. For a limited time, the Microsoft Store has Saints Row IV (PC) for $14.99 shipped. (Yep, an actual boxed copy!) It sold for $39.99 when it debuted last summer -- and still does, in most stores. Saints Row IV is a "giddy, zany" open-world shooter that earned a solid B+ from most reviewers. Perfect for passing a snow day (or, as we continue to have them here in Michigan, a "cold day").

Bonus deal No. 2: Music time! Amazon has a selection of MP3 albums priced at $1.99 apiece, including, notably, Lorde's "Pure Heroine," Kanye's "Yeezus," and Drake's "Nothing was the Same."

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