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Get two EnerPlex mobile chargers for $12.99

From the Cheapskate: That's less than the price of a single one on Amazon. Each Jumpr Prime serves up 4,400mAh of portable juice, dual outputs and an LED flashlight. Plus: That Windows 10 tablet is HOW much?

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Is there such a thing as too many mobile chargers? Of course not!

Consider: You need one for the glove box, one for your carry-on, one for your purse, one for your spouse, one for your friend who's phone is always about to die... shall I go on?

Get two of these for less than the regular price for one.


So, yeah: There's no such thing as too many mobile chargers. Especially at this price: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Daily Steals has an EnerPlex Jumpr Prime 4400 Power Bank 2-pack for $12.99 shipped when you apply promo code ChpsktPWR at checkout.

These are new, not refurbished, and straight away I'll point you to the 45 user reviews over at Amazon (where a single Jumpr Prime sells for $13.77): They average out to a rather amazing 4.7 stars. Even more amazing: the Fakespot grade of 'A.'

The ruggedized power bank features a non-slip casing, dual USB outputs and an LED flashlight (always handy). You can charge two devices at once, even while the Jumpr itself is being charged.

The only "bad" news here is that the black port outputs 1 amp of power, while the blue one delivers just 1.5 amps. The former is fine for phones, but the latter may prove a little slow if you're looking to charge a tablet.

Beyond that, just make sure to ignore the section of the product description that says "solar compatible." That doesn't mean this charger has built-in solar panels for recharging, merely that it's compatible with external EnerPlex solar products. Meh.

With an effective price of $6.50 per charger, this is a solid deal for anyone who needs a few extra power packs to stow here and there.

Bonus deal: Most name-your-own price bundles are for books or games; this one is all about security. Over at StackSocial, you can pay what you want for the VPN Lifetime Subscription Bundle, which includes lifetime subscriptions (natch) to AnonVPN and disposable-email service Nonkly.

OK, two products barely qualifies as a bundle, but we can let that slide. To get both, you need to pay at least the average price, which is $19.02 at the time of this writing. If you pay less, you get just one year of AnonVPN, which normally costs $69. The two lifetime subscriptions would normally cost you $298(!), so it's still a steal, whatever tier you choose.

Bonus deal No. 2: A Windows 10 tablet for under $100? How about for under $60? For a limited time, and while supplies last, Tanga has the refurbished (grade A+, "like new") HP Stream 7 tablet for $55.99, plus $1.99 for shipping. I honestly have no idea how you'd put this to good use, as Windows really makes no sense on a 7-inch screen, but I do know the Stream 7 originally sold for $99 and earned 4-star ratings (out of 5) from a wide range of reviewers. Your thoughts?