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Get two $25 iTunes gift cards for $40

Wait. A. Second. That looks like a math error! In your favor! Get this OfficeMax promo before it's gone.

Two $25 gift cards for $40. What strange, sweet math is this?
Two $25 gift cards for $40. What strange, sweet math is this? Apple

I love gift cards. There's just something awesome about walking into, say, Starbucks, and feeling like I'm getting my decaf skinny mocha Frappucino for free.

Same goes for shopping on iTunes. You just gotta love buying an album, e-book, movie, or the like without spending "real money." If I get nothing but gift cards for all my remaining birthdays, Father's Days, Chanukah days, and other gift-worthy occasions, I'll be a happy fellow.

And if anyone happens to be shopping for me (or, sigh, someone else), today's your lucky day: OfficeMax has two $25 iTunes gift cards for $40 shipped. That's a rare savings of 20 percent -- even a little more when you factor in shipping (which normally runs 99 cents per card).

To get the deal, scroll down a bit until you see the three gift-card options on the left half of the screen. The last one shows a price of $25.99. Enter quantity 2, then click Add Items to Cart. You should end up with a grand total of $40.

Needless to say, these are physical gift cards that will arrive by mail, not just e-gift codes like you see on some other iTunes promotions. Thus, they're ideal for wrapping and giving to your favorite friend, co-worker, uncle, blogger, etc.

Of course, the cards can be redeemed for anything in the iTunes store: books, music, TV shows, apps, you name it. I'm loving this deal, but I have no idea how long it will last. If you're looking for some iTunes credit on the cheap, jump on this.