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Get to know the science behind Michael Bay's movie explosions

Ever wondered how directors like Michael Bay bring such powerful explosions to the screen? The American Chemical Society breaks down the pyrotechnic science fueling Hollywood's mega-booms.

"Transformers" director Michael Bay is famously big on big explosions in films, and the American Chemical Society's "Reactions" series released a video Tuesday exploring the pyrotechnics behind the kind of big-budget booms he's so fond of.

Reactions shows how dynamite, for example, packs a powerful high-pressure explosion into a relatively small package that increases the explosion's shattering power, or brisance. And while they don't have the scientific research to back this claim up, Reactions posits that the more brisance movie explosions have, the more cash that film rakes in.

Which brings them, of course, to Michael Bay. The video includes a few jabs at Bay, the most pointed being that he has perfected the art of using explosions to turn films with half-baked scripts and thin plots into box office mega-successes. Which is probably why yet another "Transformers" movie is on the way even though the last one arguably really wasn't that good.

The team also talks about how pyrotechnics experts in Hollywood make explosions look incredibly powerful while also keeping the cast and crew safe. Check out the explosive video in full at the top of this post, and learn all about the fine art of blowing things to smithereens.