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Get this $35 mobile charger with Lightning cable for $14 (Update: Sold out)

A nice gift for a dad or grad, Olala's 10,000-mAh power bank comes with an MFi-certified cord that tucks neatly away inside. But it can charge non-Apple devices, too.


Most mobile chargers (also known as power banks) require you to BYO cable(s). First-world problem, I know, but it's a hassle all the same.

That's why I'm partial to power banks that have a cable built right in, so there's one less thing to: A) remember to pack; B) clutter up your carry-on; and C) accidentally leave behind in the hotel room.

Like this one: For a limited time, and while supplies last, the Olala S102-i 10,000-mAh power bank with built-in Lightning cable is just $14 with promo code 1OLALA60. Regular price: $35. I've seen previous discounts bring it close to this price, but never quite this low.

Smaller than most of the phones it'll be charging, the S102-i measures 5.4 x 2.9 x 0.6 inches. It comes with an MFi-certified Lightning cable that stows away in a side groove until needed. There's also a 2.4A USB port for charging other devices.

I've used a few Olala chargers before; they've worked exactly as advertised. I mention that because although the product has a 4.2-star review average, Fakespot indicates an 'F' grade for those reviews. Just to muddy the waters further, ReviewMeta says 90 percent of the reviews are legit.

Bottom line: Something like this either works or it doesn't. Olala backs it with a 1-year warranty, same as most mobile chargers, so I have zero qualms about recommending it.

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