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Get this $20 electronics organizer bag for $10.59

This is the way a Navy SEAL would probably organize his cables and accessories.


This $20 electronics organizer bag is available for $10.59 from Amazon.

Jelly Comb

I have a giant plastic tub in the garage filled with cables, adapters, chargers and other assorted electronics accessories. When I need something, I typically root through the tub for a half hour, picking through ancient DVI cables and PCMCIA cards. Then, eventually, I acknowledge defeat and drive to the store to buy what I was looking for. Don't be like me. Right now, you can pick up this Jelly Comb electronics organizer bag for $10.59 at Amazon when you apply coupon code EOGJKC6W at checkout. That's a total discount of 47% compared with the regular price of $19.99.

Not only is the bag packed with storage options including 15 elastic loops, five mesh segments, four mesh pockets and a variety of other pockets and retainers, but it can also hold an 11-inch tablet as well.

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Based on the styling and zipper arrangement, it seems like Jelly Comb really designed this bag for travel -- it has a number of outer pockets to hold phones and a portable hard drive as well as a zippered outer pocket for your tablet. It's water-resistant, too. Even so, I'd be inclined to use it as a way organize the tub of cables in my house.

Jelly Comb offers the bag in a variety of colors, but the discount code only applies to the 11-inch version of the gray bag with orange interior, and the deal expires at 11:59 p.m. PT tomorrow night, Nov. 2. But color and size notwithstanding, with over 200 ratings, the bag appears to be a hit with a five-star rating on Amazon.