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Get these great Bose headphones at a huge discount before they're gone forever

With Bose creating the new SoundTrue brand for its OE2 and AE2 lines, you can get discounts on "old" models that look and sound the same.

Bose OE2i headphones (White)
The $179.95 OE2i on-ear model can be found for as low as $100 online. Sarah Tew/CNET

Yesterday, Bose refreshed its line of on-ear and around-the-ear headphones with new branding and new colors. However, according to what we're hearing from Bose reps, aside from the cosmetic changes, the new SoundTrue headphones look and sound the same as the OE2 and AE2 models they're replacing.

The thing is the price has dropped on those "old" models, so now you can pick up them up at a nice discount. For example, the OE2i, which becomes the SoundTrue On Ear ($179.95), can be found for around $100 (check out pricing and our full review ). That's $80 off its original list price. Similar big discounts can be found on the AE2 models.

We always carp about Bose headphones being overpriced. Well, these headphones are now a good deal.

Unfortunately, those discounts probably won't last long. It seems as if whenever CNET posts about a good deal, several thousand people read it and actually purchase the products, which then drives the price up on Amazon as inventory dries up. Sadly, the laws of supply and demand apply here.

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