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Get the Cheapskate Mystery Box for $60

With a total value of over $250 and all net proceeds going to charity, it's a triple-win!


What's inside the Cheapskate Mystery Box? There might be a clue in this image.

Daily Steals

Let's do some good today.

The $59.99 Cheapskate Mystery Box is packed with hand-picked goodies from yours truly. But in another way it's packed with food, because all net proceeds from each box will be donated to The Hunger Project -- a global, nonprofit organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.

The idea for this was born from a recent tragedy and a desire to do something, anything, for people in need. I reached out to a variety of vendors, makers and sellers of some of my favorite products, and every single one of them said yes. Every single one donated amazing things. I am so grateful to all of them, and honestly I'm sitting here fighting back tears as I think about their generosity toward this endeavor.

So what's inside?!

Inside each box you'll find... um, no, don't be silly, it's a mystery box. Half the fun is not knowing what you're going to get!

Here's what I can tell you: Each box contains a dozen items, with a combined value of over $250. Now, if you know me, and if you take a look at some of the participating vendors (see below), you might be able to make a couple of educated guesses. But I guarantee you, you'll be surprised by what's in there. I'm ecstatic about every single item.

OK, I'll clue you in on one of them: an exclusive, never-before-made Cheapskate t-shirt! (Choose your size at checkout.)

How do I get it?

The awesome folks at Daily Steals are handling the box fulfillment, so head to their Mystery Box page to place your order. And let me add an extra-special thanks to Ishai, Alberto and everyone else at Daily Steals, for donating not only money to this effort, but also a considerable amount of time and energy. I may have wrangled the products, but they processed them, boxed them and shipped them. In other words, they did the heavy lifting.

One big caveat: We have only 250 of these available, and when they're gone, they're gone. Will there be future Mystery Boxes? Almost certainly. So if you miss out, don't fret.

Update: Sold out! That happened very quickly. Thank you, thank you to everyone who chipped in; everyone who missed out, stay tuned because I promise we'll do this again. Just from reading the comments, my heart is full today.

If you do miss out but still want to support The Hunger Project, you can use this link to do so. Whatever you can spare is deeply appreciated; every little bit helps.

Who made this possible?

Every single company on this list deserves a huge round of applause for donating products or services to the Cheapskate Mystery Box. Certainly they have my undying gratitude.

  • Ace Teah
  • Apeman
  • Aukey
  • Daily Steals
  • Loop
  • StackSocial
  • TaoTronics
  • Tacklife
  • TechRabbit
  • Tomtop
  • Wyze Labs

Thank you again, vendors -- and thanks to everyone at CNET who made this possible as well (most notably caped-crusader Jon Chaikin).

When you receive and open your box, take a selfie with it! Then share it on Facebook and/or Twitter with the hashtag #cheapskatemysterybox. That'll be a fun way to, er, unbox the mystery -- and whet appetites for the next one!

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