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Get the best Amazon smart display, the Echo Show 8, for $76

Great for video calls with friends and family, Amazon's smart display is down to one of its lowest prices yet.

Chris Monroe/CNET

Stay home. Don't be a vector. These are the orders of the day, the strategies to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Thankfully, that doesn't mean you can't connect with friends and loved ones; smart displays let you enjoy Jetsons-style video phone calls. And right now, one of the best of those displays is on sale: Get the Amazon Echo Show 8 for $75.55 at Staples when you add this filler item to your cart and then apply promo code 91787.

The Echo Show 8 has a list price of $130, though it's frequently on sale (currently $100 at Amazon proper). This price is one of the lowest I can recall seeing for a single unit.

Amazon tweaked the formula in the Echo Show 8 just enough to make it shine above its siblings. The 1,280x800-pixel display is bigger than your phone, which makes it great for watching YouTube cooking videos in the kitchen, and it includes a physical camera shutter for peace-of-mind privacy. In CNET's review of the Echo Show 8, David Priest called it Amazon's best model, period. Unsurprisingly, it's also a model that made CNET's list of the best smart displays.  

If video calls are a priority, your friends and family don't need to own this exact Show; any of them will do. (In other words, an Echo Show 8 can call an Echo Show 5, a first-gen Echo Show can call an Echo Show 8 and so on.)

Can you ever have too many Echo devices in your house? Right now, I'm inclined to say no. But then again, the robot apocalypse hasn't happened yet. Ask me again when Alexa demands our allegiance in exchange for the cure to the coronavirus.  

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