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Get TaxCut Standard 2008 for $1 at Dollar Tree

It's worth leaving the house to score this tax prep program for just a buck.

Your local Dollar Tree store has tax prep software for just a buck. H&R Block

April 15 still seems like a long way off, but it's not too early to get a deal on tax prep software. Dollar Tree is selling H&R Block TaxCut Standard 2008 for just $1 (plus tax in most states).

What, no link? Alas, you'll have to use a little shoe leather to get this deal: Dollar Tree is a brick-and-mortar operation. Use the company's store locator to see if there's one in your neck of the woods.

This version of TaxCut includes one free federal e-file. As for state returns, well, that's where they get you: H&R wants $29.95 to prep a state return and $19.95 to e-file it. Rip!

My advice: If you do indeed need to file a state return (not everyone does), do it yourself. The completed federal return should you give you most of the data you need to quickly fill in your state's forms. It's worth 20 minutes and a stamp to avoid dropping an extra $50, right?

Interestingly, there's no "TaxCut Standard" listed on H&R's site, but the equivalent seems to be TaxCut Basic, which is $19.95 with five free federal e-files. (Who the heck needs five?) Needless to say, a buck is a pretty awesome deal if you have basic tax prep needs. Maybe that's why some folks are reselling the software for upward of $10 on eBay.

Thanks to Charles for the heads-up on this deal--for the second year in a row!