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Get Tales of Monkey Island - Complete Season (PC/Mac) for $13.98

Avast, ye scurvy dogs! For a little more than the price of one, ye can get all five chapters of this superb reboot of the classic adventure game. Arrr.

The Monkey Island series is back from the grave, and it's never looked better. Or cost less.
The Monkey Island series is back from the grave, and it's never looked better. Or cost less. Telltale Games

If you like adventure games, monkeys, hideous puns, and pirates, today be your lucky day, mateys. GamersGate has Tales of Monkey Island - Complete Season for $13.98. Regular price: $34.95.

The vague "Complete Season" means you get all five chapters, which were originally released in serial fashion (at a cost of $8.95 apiece). And you get them as a download, not in a box.

If the name Monkey Island doesn't ring a bell, you were probably born sometime after 1980, in which case I hate you. These were "graphic adventures" at their finest and funniest, and I was jazzed to see the series revived after all these years.

So was GameSpot, which gave Tales of Monkey Island an 8.5 rating and described it thusly:

This is a funny game, and though there are some lulls in the otherwise lively pace, the clever puzzles and the playful ways you have to go about solving them will keep you entertained for the duration. Tales of Monkey Island is a lengthy adventure that's easy to enjoy and easy on your wallet, as well as sure to please both newcomers and veteran insult swordfighters alike.

Playing the newfangled Monkey Island makes me realize how much I miss graphic adventures. Space Quest, Full Throttle, the phenomenal Star Trek: 25th Anniversary...why did this genre die off? I'd kill to see a game like Monkey Island starring the cast of "Futurama." Somebody get a petition going.

Anyway, for anyone who likes to laugh and solve puzzles, Tales of Monkey Island for 14 bucks is way, way too good to pass up.

Bonus deal No. 1: Today only, an outfit called has iLife '09 Family Pack for $40 shipped. Apple Store price: $99. "Family Pack" means you can install it on five different Macs.

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