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Get Serif PagePlus X5 desktop publishing for $15

This powerful desktop-publishing suite is a steal--especially when you compare it to programs costing 10 times more.


Well, I'm bummed. I paid $75 for this product just a few months ago. But I needed it at the time, and it was worth it.

That makes this deal all the more un-pass-up-able.

Today only, PricePlunge has Serif PagePlus X5 for $14.99, plus $1.99 for shipping. Yep, it's an actual boxed copy, not a download. How quaint!

Update: Sold out! Rats. That went really fast. The closest I can find elsewhere is $42.99 shipped at Amazon. Viewed in a vacuum, that's still a great deal. (But not as great as $15, I admit.)

You remember desktop publishing software, right? Back in the old days, you had your pick of a dozen or more programs (Publisher, PageMaker, etc.), but now the field is practically empty.

Sure, you can still buy Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress for a small fortune (they run $699 and $799, respectively), but what if you just want a simple program for creating newsletters, brochures, flyers, and the like?

PagePlus X5 isn't the latest version of the program (Serif launched version X6 back in December), but make no mistake: it's plenty powerful. It offers robust page-layout tools for everything from calendars and greetings cards to books and magazines. I've used it to design both simple flyers and 24-page newsletters.

PagePlus has a PDF editor, logo builder, and photo lab. It comes with over 1,000 templates so you can hit the design ground running. And to help beginners get started, it incorporates tutorial videos.

Also, the software supports nearly every imaginable output option, including four-color separations, press-ready PDFs, double-sided printing, and Web publishing. CNET hasn't reviewed it, but I think this review from PC Pro is very telling. Also, check out the gushing user reviews on Amazon.

Fifteen bucks for this program is an outright steal.

Bonus deal: If you liked that Brother laser printer deal the other day but wanted something that could print in color, here you go: Amazon has the Brother MFC-J425W wireless all-in-one inkjet printer for $54.99 shipped.

Quick note: Thanks so much for all the kind comments following yesterday's Cheapskate FAQ post. I really wasn't expecting such an outpouring of support, but, wow, did I appreciate it. You rock, fellow cheeps!