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Get rolling on a glow-in-the-dark skateboard park

Koo Jeong-A's phosphorescent concrete would also make a beautiful swimming pool.

I haven't tried doing an ollie on a skateboard in years, but this skate park in France looks like one of my teenage dreams.

Korean artist Koo Jeong-a has created a glowing collection of tunnels, ramps, and bowls that looks somewhat like a Tatooine ranch at night and reduces the need for harsh lighting.

The Otro park is fashioned of phosphorescent concrete.

It's described as a "skateable sculpture" and is located in a meadow on an island on Lac de Vassiviere, one of France's largest lakes. It's designed for skaters, rollerbladers, and BMX riders.

Koo has exhibited installations and other art pieces around the world. Otro reportedly grew out of her impressions of the landscape of Vassiviere in winter.

It's apparently open to novices and experts alike. If you wipe out, at least you'll be biting glowing concrete.

(Via Hi Comsumption)